Will I get all of my raws?

I have updated my pricing and packages. Previously, clients could buy their raws separate, now clients can purchase packages that includes raws. Please NOTE that 24/7 access to raws are only for 7 days. Your file will be closed after. 

Why are your prices higher?

As of June 2023, I have updated and finalized all of my package prices. For a time, I had been underselling and undermining my artistic abilities. Moving forward, I am charging my worth. I do work with budgets (college students) if you email me and let me know your position.

What is your turnaround time for services?

Photos have a turn around time of 2-4 days. During Grad SZN (Oct-Dec/March-May) it may be extended to 3-7 days. Video work is usually 1-3 days at max.


If you have something come up please inform me within 24-48 hours of your scheduled appointment. Your deposit is non-refundable.  

What are "Edits"?

Edits/Retouched/Professional Edits are all the same. It means photos that YOU select that I will work on to make look AMAZING! 

Raws are basically the opposite. Raws are defined as photos that are straight out the camera. No editing are done to these. 

How much is the deposit?

The deposit is $50 (plus a small fee from SquareSpace)

It is attached to your package price, it is NOT separate 

Arriving on Time?

Please arrive on time. I do allow a 15 minute grace period. Anything after 15 mins you will be charged accordingly. 

Do you Travel?

Yes indeed I do! Please reach out to me via booking forms on what you need. For destination content please fill out the form. All regular travel is charged at 0.70 c/mile

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